let's play!!!

Hippity Hop is a kid's birthday party place and an indoor playground that provides a safe, clean, educational and entertaining environment for children.

Our buildings' 3,300 square feet are split up between a main play area with wooden play sets and a toddler room. Whether it’s sizzling hot or rainy and gray outside, the climatized indoor playground is always the perfect setting for play dates and parties.

One of our favorite things is the separate toddler space, where crawlers can explore without getting trampled. It is a safe haven for toddlers and their caregivers to relax and play in, without being overwhelmed by older children.

While their kids are enjoying the playground, parents or caregivers can easily keep an eye on them while socializing with their peers, browsing or working on the internet through free Wi-Fi access, reading in-house magazines and enjoying a fresh cup of complimentary premium coffee. Furthermore, outside foods are always welcome, but must keep food inside the eating area at all times. Unlike other indoor playgrounds, we provide microwave, so you could feed warm food for your kids.

Event! event! event!

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